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Question of the month: September

October 3, 2022

Our support team get a lot of great questions from our clients every day and we figure, everyone deserves to know the answers to these great and often frequently asked questions! Every month, you'll see a favourite question, as chosen by our team, appear in our blog. Check out the best question we had in September:


We have just added a new user into the Ideagen Op Central portal and I was wondering if I can set multiple roles for that user?


While a user can only have one "role" at a time, there is a way for you to manage the content and permissions for a user with multiple "roles". Users that hold multiple titles/responsibilities can have different levels of access through User Groups. This would allow you to have one user tagged as multiple titles, which could give them access to the relevant content and permissions.

For example, you might have someone who is a part of both your marketing and product teams. They could then be segmented with user groups to ensure they are getting the relevant content and have the access they need as part of their dual roles.

For more information on how user groups work and how they are set up, visit our knowledge base.

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