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Emergency Services Management Software

Op Central's Emergency Services package has been established to provide some assistance to the emergency service organisations who have been providing the Australian community with essential aid for a number of years.

About Op Central

Op Central is an Australian owned software company, with a cloud based system helping organisations to reduce operational costs, risk and complexity.

Our software and systems drive network-wide improvements in compliance, internal communication, HR practices, training and onboarding new staff and volunteers.

Op Central's software and development team have worked with many of Australia's most important organisations (see logos below).

A Comprehensive Software System

Op Central offers a complete software suite to help you keep the Australian community safe.

Policy & Procedure Management

Manage and share your standard operating policies and procedures with your staff and/or volunteers. With auto-notifications and "required reading", you'll be assured that your team has read and understood your important content.

Auditing, Forms & Risk Management

Reduce the time and effort associated with site and equipment audits with Op Central's state of the art auditing software. Mobile app-based forms and checklists with detailed reporting allow for on-the-go audits and easy identification of risks.

End-to-End Staff & Volunteer Onboarding

Make the process of onboarding new staff, contractors or volunteers easier, and more consistent for everyone. The onboarding experience can be easily tailored to suit different audiences (i.e. staff, volunteer, contractor, etc.)

Comprehensive Training & Instructional Content

With flexible assessment types and highly engaging eLearning, you can easily reach your entire team. You can be certain that your entire team has the skills and knowledge they need to keep Australia safe with recurring training and detailed reporting.

Seamless Integration Across Your Systems

Connect all the systems you know and love with Op Central's platform to allow for complete consistency. Op Central has the capability to draw in data from your systems to allow for comprehensive reporting all in one place.

Centralised & Customisable Reporting

Gain real insights into the performance of each location and your team with Op Central's versatile custom report builder. The report builder allows you to tailor the data to your tastes and easily determine what really matters and what doesn't

About the Initiative

This initiative is our way of giving back to those who work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our community.


For the past 10 years Op Central has been working with many of Australia’s leading private brands across the retail, hospitality, franchise and fitness sectors.

This initiative is all about giving back to the organisations and teams that make Australia a safe and secure place to live, raise a family and operate a business.


We are offering the following concessions for eligible organisations:

  • Lifetime 80% discount (monthly license fees)
  • Free setup and data migration (normally $15-35k)
  • Access to any and all features of Op Central on a completely bespoke package basis (i.e. if you already have a HR system that you’re happy with, we can remove the HR components from your package).


The industries eligible for the full concessions above are;

  • Fire & Rescue,
  • Law Enforcement,
  • Ambulance,
  • Government bodies,
  • Medical & healthcare, and
  • Any other government funded emergency service.

To check your eligibility for the initiative, please hit the "Apply Now" button below.

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