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Kayla's Top Tips: System Spring Cleaning

October 3, 2022

Tis the season for re-energising, turning a new chapter and a spring clean. It's the perfect time to clear out clutter - out with the old, and in with the new! Did you know that Ideagen Op Central makes sprucing up your platform SUPER easy? Set aside 30 minutes, take a look at my suggestions below, and start the season fresh (no broom required).

  1. Archive outdated news articles. Using the bulk archive feature, move all the unnecessary articles into the archives so the dashboard is cleaner, the search results stay relevant and info is easier to find when needed. (Pro Tip: Set your articles to auto-archive, so they don't need to be manually archived in the future!)
  2. Put a new coat of paint on the platform by updating the Branding and dashboard layout! A new login page, header banner and some new widgets make a huge visual impact, and shows system users that it's had a re-invigoration. Our Support Team can help you switch up your Dashboard in 5 minutes or less, just shoot us an email or give us a call.
  3. Jump onto your All Policies page, check for any "Updated On" dates that are far in the past, and review those policies that haven't been updated in a while. You may not need to change anything, but it's a great opportunity to identify any improvements or additions to your business's way of working. Don't forget to use the auto-notify feature to ensure the relevant people in your network are aware of the updates.
  4. Do an audit of your user management list to make sure there are no accounts still active that shouldn't be. You can search by last login date, role, location, and any other variable to help narrow down you list! Then with a few clicks, you can bulk archive everyone to retain their records, but prevent unauthorised log ins.
  5. Double check your security settings. If it's been a while since you visited your Security page, then there may be some changes or enhancements available to further protect your business's sensitive intellectual property. Things like 2-factor authentication via email, restricting policy downloading and copy/pasting, and forced password resets are all automated, seamless ways to keep your content in the hands of the people who need to it, and never who shouldn't.
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