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Kayla's Top Tips: October Feature Releases

November 2, 2022

October was choc-full (get it!? 🍫) of new product feature treats, read all the details below so you don’t miss out! That would be scary 👻

  •  Ever wonder how many eyes are seeing your News posts? Now you can do exactly that, in 3 clicks or less. Automatic engagement tracking for News Articles shows you the total percentage of users who have access to the article, and have viewed it! You’ll find this new feature waiting for you on the Manage Articles page.

  • Fully personalise your team’s onboarding experience by using the new variable tokens in Onboarding programs. Use these tokens to add personalised information like their name (think “Welcome to Op Central, your name!), or any other detail you’d like to include (like “Store name is so lucky to have you as a job title!” perhaps). Don’t forget a few cheeky GIFs to make things even more relatable.

  •  Make organizing your News Articles extra easy by using the new Category feature. Categories will display on the Manage Articles page, to make it clear which articles are relevant to which topics. Keep your eyes peeled early next year for an awesome expansion on this feature 👀

  •  Reporting for Training programs has been given a super-charged new feature. Now, you can see where every user is up to with every activity in a program – in a few clicks or less! Although the name “Export Program Completion” doesn’t sound exciting, give it a try from the Reporting (Training) page and let the results speak for themselves.
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