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Kayla's Top Tips: Personalising Content

July 5, 2022

Here's some of my favourite examples of how Op Central's User Groups functionality can help personalise your content and increase user engagement:

  1. Create discussion forums that only certain groups can participate in, such as a focus group for new business initiatives, a community for all the women of the organisation to collaborate, or a just-for-fun page where everyone who loves animals can post cute pictures for ogling!
  2. Set up automatic mandatory training programs for specific responsibilities, like being a keyholder to the location, additional certifications to use advanced equipment, or a small trial group that are offering a new product or service before launching it to the rest of the brand.
  3. Require more frequent self check-ins from locations that are not meeting minimum standards or benchmarks, to help them improve quickly before it has a negative effect on the business or brand. By indicating that a particular location needs improvement, the necessary self-audits will automatically assign to the correct people.
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