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Bulk recruiting Christmas casuals

October 30, 2020

Every year at Christmas the significant increase in retail foot traffic creates the need to hire a number of casual employees to meet the demands of customers. Australian jewellery business, Bevilles Jewellers have implemented Op Central to facilitate the process of bulk recruitment, effectively taking the stress out of on-boarding a large number of staff in a brief period.

Using Op Central's People Management and Learning Management suite, the end to end recruitment, hiring and training processes have been automated allowing store managers to easily move through the process without spending countless hours on each new recruit. The jobs advertised on Indeed link directly to the positions set up in Op Central using specific integration between the two platforms.  This allows candidates to apply, and managers to track jobs, manage candidates and arrange interviews seamlessly. Once the right candidates have been selected for the job, templated employment contracts with variable fields are pre-populated with the new employee's information and sent out from the Contract module for E-signature.  Contracts are created in a matter of minutes, and can be processed in the same day.

Once the signed contracts are received, new employees are automatically enrolled in the relevant on-boarding program, designed for their role. They complete all their required on-boarding paperwork - tax and superannuation forms, bank details and emergency contact information online, and are presented with each policy they need to understand and sign off before starting their new job.

To assist managers with the process Bevilles have created online training programs showing store managers how to successfully navigate the recruitment process, with everything from interview tips to first day expectations.

'We have moved from a centralised recruitment to one now managed by the store teams.  We used to spend so much time manually processing new recruits, sending out physical welcome packs, and waiting for them to be returned to head office.  Using Op Central, our workflow is seamless.  We have cut down the time it takes to process new recruits and new employees arrive on their first day having completed basic training and all the necessary paperwork to have a productive start.  The managers also find the process simple and easy to use.' Sabrina Kuvac, Human Resources Manager, Bevilles Jewellers.

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