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Snap Printing launches "Snap Central"

May 21, 2020

In these times of global uncertainty, Snap Printing has continued to invest in the development of systems and operational infrastructure which helps their franchisees to operate their businesses safely and effectively. The team at Snap Printing recently deployed Op Central - which they have dubbed “Snap Central” - as a new state of the art hub for their franchisees and employees to find valuable information and resources.

"We're delighted to play our part in the continued growth and success of one of Australia's great franchising stories. At a time when many businesses are re-evaluating their direction, Snap have effectively doubled down on their commitment to support their franchisees and customers." commented Josh Cairns of Op Central.

In recent times during the COVID outbreak, the team at Snap Printing have used Snap Central to communicate accurate information with their franchisees, and to share policy and procedure updates. When a particular policy update is considered critical to the ability of the business to comply with compliance obligations, they mark the update as required reading and attach a verification quiz to ensure it's understood by all required to implement it.

They have also made an extensive library of resources available to franchisees to ensure that they have all of the tools they need to operate safe workplace.

For more info about becoming a Snap franchisee visit: https://www.snap.com.au/own-a-franchise.html

For more info about Op Central visit: https://opcentral.com.au

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