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Product update: Shout Outs widget

June 8, 2021

At Op Central, we constantly strive to improve our systems and provide our clients with the best user experience possible. We work collaboratively with our internal team and our clients to come up with new innovations. That’s exactly how the new ‘Shout Outs’ widget was developed! 

This widget allows you to give your team a shout out for birthdays, work anniversaries, or any other date-based event that can be gathered from a user's profile. The widget displays a running list of dates based on the data you have chosen to display.

The unique features of this widget include:

  • Highlight colour: choose which colour you want to be the highlight of this widget from the primary and secondary colours you’ve already set in your branding page (found in system settings). 
  • Likes/comments toggle: the like and comment toggles allow users to interact with the shout out. It is up to you whether you toggle them on or off. Perhaps you will only have likes on and will choose not to turn the comments on - completely up to you!
  • Date options: different date options have been configured to allow choice over what is shown. You are able to decide whether or not you want to display the year. This is particularly important for birthday shout outs (as not everyone wants the whole company to know their age!)

While you’re filling in all the required sections to launch the widget, take a look at the preview and make sure you’re happy with the options you have set. The preview gives you a great idea of what the widget will look like on the dashboard, but you can always go back later and adjust the settings you like.

This widget is completely optional, but we think it’s a great way to engage your team and put a smile on their face! 

If you're interested in adding this widget to your dashboard, please get in touch with our support team!

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