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People Central: Explained

November 30, 2021

It’s now time for the final part in our ‘explained series’! The final edition will touch on People Central, the home of all your HR and people management needs. Like the other articles in this series, this one will touch on what People Central is all about, the features that we love about the module and why it might be right for you!


People Central brings together all your HR and people management needs. With People Central, you can: take your staff through each stage of the recruitment process with recruiting and onboarding, manage your team with forms and improve your company culture with surveys. Your people are your company's most important asset, so using a people management system that works for both you and your people is a no-brainer! 

Features we love!

  • Flexible onboarding activity types: Create your onboarding programs with any activity type imaginable! Flexible activity types can include: training programs, forms, videos, policy sign-offs, welcome messages, etc. These activity options allow you to create a unique onboarding program for every new employee and set your team up for success at your company.
  • Customisable job board: Stand out among all the other job advertisements out there with your own branded job board. Your job board is hosted through Ideagen Op Central and easily embedded on your own site. That means that you can run everything through your People Central platform, without compromising on usability and ease of application on the candidates end!
  • Anonymous submissions: Not everything can (or should) have a name to it. If you want to conduct anonymous surveys or gather sensitive information (e.g. information on instances of harassment or abuse), you can toggle on “anonymous” and protect the identity of the person submitting.
  • Logical forms: Design any number of forms with high levels of logic and dependencies to get the best and most accurate submissions possible! You can set various levels of permissions and options (such as file uploads with restriction to camera, date selectors, free text fields, etc.) to create highly functional forms.
  • Advanced filtering options: With People Central’s custom report builder, you can present the data that you gather in ways that matter to you. Filter your data by location, gender, date, custom fields, basically whatever you want! These flexible filtering options give you the freedom to decide what matters and what doesn’t. 

Why this module is right for you

Every business needs a way to manage their people; and if you’re still using outdated systems, emailing sensitive documents or even worse, using hard copies, you need a new system that can satisfy all your HR and people management needs. With People Central, you have everything you need to best manage your team. People Central allows you to nurture your team right from the initial recruitment to if and when they leave your company. 

While People Central will undoubtedly make you and your management team’s lives easier, this module has really been built with your people in mind! Particularly considering ‘The Great Resignation’ and the impacts of lockdowns, there has never been a better time to put your people first and bring on a quality people management system. From engaging onboarding programs that start every team member off on the right foot, to culture and staff engagement surveys, your team will almost certainly experience higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction. 

That’s it for our ‘explained series’. Hopefully you’ve followed on with us through the series. If not, you can read about all of our modules in the same style as this post at any time by navigating back to the blog. If you’re interested in People Central and want to hear more, schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists today (or subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop)!

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