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Kayla's Top Tips: the Holiday Edition

November 29, 2022

There's nothing better to get into the Holiday spirit than by decorating your home. A few glittery ornaments here, some strings of pretty lights there. Want to make everyone "wow" and smile when they log in leading up to the Holidays? "Deck the Halls" of your platform! Here are some quick and easy ideas to get your Ideagen Op Central site sparkling brighter than the star atop the tree.

☃️ Change up the header banner to something festive! Think your brand colours but with trees, ornaments, gifts, stars, & snowflakes. You can even add a "Happy Holidays" message on it!

☃️ Replace your login page image with a fun and inviting scene, like friends building a snowman, a house aglow with lights, or perhaps for those of you in the Fitness world: Santa doing a few pushups!

☃️ Add a GIF of a fireplace to the dashboard! This can be an easy way to get your teams talking about your site and encouraging them to log in ("have you seen the fireplace yet?")

☃️ Post an "end of year" or Holiday wrap up News Article with a video from a prominent person; think a greeting message from the CEO, or a "thanks & congrats on a good year" from the Operations Manager.

☃️ Ask everyone to post pictures of their Holiday parties into the Social Timeline! This helps foster a sense of community and engagement across the network.

The Support Team is here to help you achieve all of this and more, so don't hesitate to reach out at support@opcentral.com.au!

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