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How to be a customer service superhero

February 15, 2021

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business, so you need some service superheroes on your team! I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you already are a seasoned customer service pro, but there’s always room for improvement! So take a look at our tips for becoming a customer service superhero.

Knowledge is power

The fact is, you can’t get by in customer service without having the appropriate knowledge. You do not want to be handballing off customers to the next service representative every time they have a simple question! Knowledge comes with time on the job and it’s impossible to know the answer to every query, but take the time to find the right answer. Your customers will appreciate you going to that effort for them.

Use social media

Yeah this sounds obvious, but if you aren't using your social media effectively, you may as well not even be on it! It is more than just posting and getting information out there. Customers are able to engage with you via social media and now that is how they will often get in touch. Users can share, comment, message at any time across the world in an environment that’s comfortable for them. As a business, you need to be constantly tapping into your social media and engaging with your customers. It provides them with the personal connection in a more relaxed way. 

Don’t ignore feedback, embrace it!

Feedback isn’t always positive, but can signal real issues that need to be resolved. Sometimes you need to take negative feedback on the chin and resolve issues for a better business in the future. That means, implementing ways to gather feedback. Whether that be via questionnaires, reviews or even phone surveys. Take some time each week to review feedback (good or bad) and see what you can do to improve. You want to keep those customers coming back!

Know the customer journey

The customer journey is every step a customer takes when interacting with your business. It’s not just about them purchasing the product or service, it's their interactions before and after too. These interactions are just as vital as the actual purchase process. All of this can influence the customer satisfaction and whether or not they will return again. It is important to take into consideration the entire customer journey. Make sure that it is a well-oiled machine for the customers and for the service reps.

This time, it’s personal… 

Sometimes the stock-standard response just isn’t going to cut it! If customers took the time to speak to you, they want to speak to a real person. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of your personality. This is also a good way to build positive customer relationships. These relationships are going to help ensure customer satisfaction and returned business. So maybe next time you have a customer, identify a shared interest and hook that customer with your personalised service!

Amazing customer service isn’t just a feature of your business, it is a necessity! With our helpful tools, you’re now able to take on your next challenge and become a customer service superhero today!

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