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Operational consistency across every site

Op Central makes operational consistency across your network simple.

  • Dynamic online operations manuals to store and share all your policies and procedures.
  • Automatic policy update notifications via email, push-notification and/or SMS to all relevant staff and franchisees.
  • Create checklists and site audits which reflect your standards and values.
  • Deliver continuous training that engages your team and aligns with all your other content.

Culture and people engagement

Op Central helps you build a strong culture of teamwork and growth.

  • Measure, track and improve engagement with regular culture surveys.
  • Give every team member a flying start to their employment journey with amazing onboarding experience.
  • Real-time reporting helps you to see opportunities for improvement.
  • Create standardised performance review questionnaires to to ensure consistent measurement metrics.

Quality control and site auditing

Op Central gives you confidence over consistency, compliance and quality control.

  • Create intelligent site audits for your area managers to assess quality control across each location.
  • Allow your franchisees to complete self-audits  with Op Central's advanced permissions that ensure each submission is completely accurate.
  • Add weighted questions to ensure more important factors are accurately represented in a locations overall performance score.
  • Set standards through your detailed policies and procedures.

Growth of franchisee / network

Diligent prospective franchisees will look for a number of things beyond just potential for profit and success, and Op Central can be a great asset to you when looking to grow your network.

  • A modern, easy-to-use system that you don't need to be an expert in to use.
  • Instill confidence in prospective franchisees with SOP's that outline a success path.
  • Financial data, instructional content, integrations, discussion forums and everything you need to support your network.

Learning and development

Op Central helps you prioritise learning and development across your entire network.

  • A purpose-built, enterprise Learning Management System for franchise groups and large multisite businesses.
  • Import your beautiful SCORM files directly into Op Central.
  • Flexible assessment types to satisfy your training needs.
  • Op Central uses a Single Point of Truth to ensure your messaging is aligned everywhere your content lives.

Site performance and financial reporting

Op Central can help improve reporting and tie all your financial and performance data together.

  • Collect location data with site audits and checklists that accurately assess and measure performance.
  • Take a more holistic view of problem and success areas with Op Central's integrations with Xero and MYOB.
  • Present your precious data in a way thats meaningful with the custom report builder.

Adherence to SOP's and policy compliance

Op Central gives you the tools you need to champion compliance.

  • Store, manage and share all of your policies and procedures with online operations manuals.
  • Automatic policy update notifications via email, push-notification and SMS.
  • A simple checkbox or a quick quiz to verify understanding and ensure compliance.
  • Create checklists and quality control audits that allow you to measure and report on adherence to your policies.
  • Deliver supporting training that aligns and follows on from your policies and procedures.

Improving internal communications

Streamline communications with your franchisees and your team with Op Central.

  • Publish news articles with the option of required reading for important announcements.
  • Log every interaction to ensure nothing is ever confused or lost.
  • After conducting or reviewing an audit, add action items to let your franchisees know what improvements and changes need to be made.
  • Never send another reminder email again with policy notifications that automatically notify your franchisees when anything changes.

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